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AMCHAM UQ Business School Luncheon

"Innovation and Renewal in Business"

When: Thursday 20 November
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: Marriott Brisbane


Jennifer Hill Ling
Chairman, Hills Limited

Rhonda White AO
Director, Terry White Chemists

Hills Limited - maker of the iconic Hills Hoist - has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years from traditional manufacturer to a state-of-the-art technology and communications company. Terry White Chemists is Australia's original pharmacy franchise and grown from a single corner chemist shop to a network of 168 pharmacies across the nation over the past 50 years. DON'T MISS the stories of two iconic Australian companies implementing strategies of innovation and renewal in their ever-changing industries. 


AMCHAM iiNet Business Luncheon

"Queensland's New Airport"

When: Thursday 4 December
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: Hilton Brisbane


John Wagner
Chairman, Wagner Global Services
Founder, Wagner Group of Companies 

The first international scale airport built in almost 50 years is ready for takeoff (and the taxpayer did not pay for it)! The Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport is big, really big - capable of handling jumbo sized jets, and when fully completed, 1.2 million passengers a year. Hear John Wagner and the fantastic story of the Wagner family whose vision has the potential to create a huge boon to Queensland business. 


Past Events

AMCHAM iiNet Business Luncheon 
The Business in Sport

The business of sport is BIG business! Billions of dollars is pumped into sponsorships, TV deals, corporate boxes, naming rights, endorsements, and much more. Our speakers spoke about the opportunities and challenges for business.  

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AMCHAM UQ Business School Luncheon 
Maureen Dougherty, Boeing Australia & South Pacific

Boeing's presence in Australia is the company's largest footprint outside the United States.  Hear the President of Boeing Australia talk about the company's operations here and globally, the challenges facing the aerospace and defence industries at the moment, and much more.  

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AMCHAM iiNet Business Luncheon
Our Economy - A World, National and Local View

Our expert speakers spoke about the US, China and European economies and how they affect Australia, and what the threats and opportunities are for Queensland business.   

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