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AmCham Business Luncheon

"Healthcare & Ageing - Our Huge Business Opportunity"

When: Friday 5 August
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: Pullman Brisbane


 Chris McGowan Cam Ziebelll Dan Harradine

Dr Chris McGowan, Chief Executive Officer, Silver Chain Group
Cameron Ziebell, Head of Healthcare, CommBank Health, Commonwealth Bank Australia                              Dan Harradine, Director, National Health, Ageing and Human Services Sector, KPMG

Australia’s population is growing, ageing and becoming more affluent – as is Asia and the rest of the world, creating a sweet spot for Australian business to sell IP, training technology and an endless array of products and services in to Asia and the rest of the world. The business of medical innovations and technology for this expanding sector will create a myriad of commercial opportunities for a wide range of companies.

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AmCham Business Luncheon

"John Berry, U.S. Ambassador to Australia"

When: Tuesday 23 August
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: Hilton Brisbane


 Ambassador John Berry

John Berry, U.S. Ambassador to Australia

John Berry presented his credentials to Governor-General Quentin Bryce on September 25, 2013, becoming the 25th Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Australia. As Ambassador, he seeks to strengthen the U.S.-Australia alliance, which has served as an anchor of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and the world for more than sixty years; to increase bilateral trade investment; and to deepen cultural, scientific and environmental cooperation between the United States and Australia. 


AmCham UQ Business School Luncheon

"5 Reasons Gender Equality Makes Business More Productive and Profitable"

When: Friday 2 September
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: Brisbane Marriott Hotel 


L Lyons P Parker L Ferris

Libby Lyons, Director, Workplace Gender Equality Agency
Prof Polly Parker, Professor in Leadership, The University of Queensland                                                 Louise Ferris, 
Human Resources Director for McCullough Robertson Lawyers

Five reasons gender equality makes business more productive and profitable:

1.Gender equality attracts top talent

2.Gender equality can reduce expenses

3.Companies with gender equality perform better

4.Gender equality improves national productivity and competitiveness

5.Gender inequality wastes resources

Gender equality is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of whether they are a woman or a man.

Many countries worldwide, including Australia, have made significant progress towards gender equality in recent decades, particularly in areas such as education. However, women continue to earn less than men, are less likely to advance their careers as far as men, and are more likely to spend their final years in poverty. At the same time, men often find it more difficult to access family-friendly policies or flexible working arrangements than women. 

The aim of gender equality in the workplace is to achieve broadly equal outcomes for women and men, not exactly the same outcome for all individuals.

Achieving gender equality is important for workplaces not only because it is ‘fair’ and ‘the right thing to do’,  it is also vitally important to the bottom line of a business and the productivity of our nation.

Our panel will discuss these issues – and more. BOOK NOW. 

Past Events


AmCham Business Luncheon

"Sustainability & The Future of Natural Gas"

LNG has become one of Queensland’s major new industries with all significant projects coming online. It is time to reflect on the amazing impact this industry has had on the Queensland economy and discuss the future of LNG as the industry moves from development to operation.

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AmCham Business Luncheon

"Talking Business with...Michael Cameron, Suncorp Group

Michael Cameron, the new CEO and MD of Suncorp will outline his plans for Queensland’s largest company whose revenues approach 16billion dollars. With brands such as AAMI, GIO, Suncorp Bank and many others, Suncorp is a significant employer and contributor to the State’s revenues

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AmCham UQ Business School Luncheon

"Customer Loyalty"

Banking customers – rail customers – what do they have in common? Lots! How do you keep customers happy, and returning for more. Helen and Catriona are in very different industries but they share a passion for knowing – and continuing to learn – what their customers want.

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